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Arena Animation Annanagar

Trinity 3D Program

A task-based training program with

numerous projects and assessments.

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Industry Based Training Extra Doubt Clearance Sessions Regular Assessments & Feedback Resume & Portfolio Guidance
Industry Based Training Extra Doubt Clearance Sessions Regular Assessments & Feedback Resume & Portfolio Guidance

Best Professional Trinity 3D Course In Chennai

Getting Started - Why should you learn Trinity 3D Program?

Trinity 3D is a high end career course which is a hybrid of traditional art and design theory. The course covers both the technical and artistic aspects of the animation, visual effects & gaming. Learn how to make 3D animation, game and visual effects at Arena. In this course, you have the option to specialise within the selected fields. The course is designed and taught by industry experts and prepares you to work for different segments of productions in animation, visual effects and gaming, and also broadens your career opportunities.

What is 3D Game Design?

3D game design involves creating immersive video game experiences that utilize three-dimensional graphics for characters, environments, and objects. It focuses on leveraging depth and perspective to enhance gameplay and visual aesthetics, providing players with a more realistic and engaging gaming environment.

Why Arena animation considering as the Best
Trinity institute in Chennai?
  • Job Oriented, Industry centric curriculum.
  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software.
  • Certified faculty.
  • Exposure to industry interaction and workshops.
  • Placement assistance
  • Access to Online varsity, our exclusive e-learning platform.
  • Access to Creosols, a platform to showcase your portfolio.
  • Instant student loan facility to fund the studies.

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What You’ll Learn


  • Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques’
  • Anatomy Drawing
  • Body Language & Expressions
  • Lights, Color & Perspectives
  • Digital Painting
  • Animation Concepts
  • Concept Design, Development & Storytelling Techniques
  • Scriptwriting for Animation
  • Character Design & Development
  • Acting & Voice Characterization
  • Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches
  • Visual Scripting with Film Language
  • Storyboarding for Animatics
  • Editing for Animatics
  • Principles of Animation
  • Timing for Animation
  • Pre-Production Portfolio


  • Fundamentals of VFX & 3D Basics
  • Digital Modeling with Maya
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Texturing 3D Models with Maya
  • Lighting Models with Maya
  • Rigging 3D Models with Maya
  • 3D Character Animation & Rotomation
  • Particle & Dynamics
  • FX & Simulation
  • Matchmoving & Camera Tracking
  • Working with Arnold Renderer
  • 3D Design Portfolio with Specialisation (Choose 1 elective)
  • Introduction to Unity Game Engine
  • Asset & Environment Modeling
  • 3D Texturing for Games
  • Lighting & Rendering for Games


  • VFX Film Making – Pre to Postproduction
  • Layer-Based Compositing
  • Pre-visualization & VFX Video Shoot
  • Introduction to Nuke
  • Rotoscopy using Silhouette
  • Roto & RotoPaint
  • Wire removal
  • Colour Correction
  • Green/Blue screen
  • Matchmoving Techniques
  • Matte Painting
  • Time Remapping & Bounding Boxes
  • Channel & Multi Passes
  • Advanced Compositing Tools
  • FX with Houdini
  • Z-depth & Multipass Compositing
  • Digital Portfolio Development



We covere industry standard AI Powered design tools includes











Benefits of Enrolling in a Trinity 3D Course in Chennai at Arena Animation Annanagar

Hands-On Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of Trinity 3D with practical, hands-on experiences at Arena Animation Annanagar. Our advanced program in Trinity 3D immerses students in the creation of captivating visual content, equipping them with practical skills and techniques. Through interactive projects, case studies, and industry-relevant assignments, students learn to bring their creative visions to life in the realm of 3D animation.

Expert Guidance: Led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Trinity 3D, our advanced program offers expert guidance to students. Benefit from industry best practices, emerging trends, and efficient animation techniques, ensuring you stay ahead in this dynamic and competitive field.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our advanced program in Trinity 3D offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of 3D animation and visualization. From modeling to texturing, rigging, animation, and more, students develop a deep understanding of Trinity 3D principles and techniques, empowering them to tackle diverse animation challenges with confidence.

Portfolio Development: A robust portfolio is essential for showcasing your Trinity 3D skills and securing opportunities in the industry. At Arena Animation Annanagar, students have the opportunity to build strong portfolios highlighting their creativity, technical skills, and innovative designs, distinguishing them in the competitive 3D animation landscape.

Collaborative Learning Environment: Foster collaboration among peers in our advanced Trinity 3D program, encouraging interaction, idea exchange, and project collaboration. Through group discussions, peer reviews, and collaborative projects, students enhance their communication and teamwork skills, essential for success in the animation industry.

Career Opportunities: The animation industry offers a plethora of career opportunities across various sectors, including animation studios, film production houses, advertising agencies, gaming companies, and more. Completing the advanced Trinity 3D program at Arena Animation Annanagar opens doors to diverse career paths as 3D modelers, animators, visual effects artists, and motion graphics designers. Our career-focused curriculum and placement assistance program support students in launching and advancing their careers in the animation field.

Embark on a transformative journey in the exciting world of Trinity 3D at Arena Animation Annanagar. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a novice aspiring to enter the animation industry, our advanced program provides the perfect platform to unleash your creativity, hone your skills, and pursue a fulfilling career in Trinity 3D animation.

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Trinity 3D Program Course Faculty Profile

  • For our Trinity 3D Program at Arena Animation Annanagar, we meticulously select instructors who are seasoned experts in the field, boasting over 8 years of hands-on experience in renowned animation studios.
  • Our mentors are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of 3D animation, ensuring you grasp the fundamental principles and emerge as a skilled professional in the industry.
  • With a genuine passion for animation and visual storytelling, our instructors are committed to your success. They provide personalized guidance to nurture your talents and help you achieve your aspirations in the dynamic world of 3D animation.
  • Expect to engage in practical projects and assignments tailored to enhance your skills, all under the expert mentorship of our instructors.
    From modeling to texturing, rigging, animation, and beyond, our mentors cover essential topics to give you a comprehensive understanding of Trinity 3D techniques.
  • Take advantage of constructive feedback and invaluable insights from our instructors, empowering you to refine your skills and reach your full potential in the field.
  • Join us at Arena Animation Annanagar and embark on an exciting journey into the captivating realm of Trinity 3D, led by our dedicated and experienced mentors.

Career Options

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