The visual effects industry and southern India

It’s all started with the movie “Gentleman “directed by Shankar 20 years ago. A dance sequence by actor prabu deva mixed with special effects was a super hit among the youth those days. Director Shankar was a pioneer in that league. He sets his own standards. He has started using the nuances of vfx & CGI to its fullest potential. Every movie of him carried some amount of vfx or the other.

Another turning point in the industry was “Naan E”. That has taken the industry to the next level. Then we saw visual effects being reversely outsourced to USA/ Canada /China from India for some movies like Enthiran & Robo 2.0. MNC’s like Double Negative, USA, played a key role in the visual effects & CGI parts of Robo2.0 & Viswaroopam 2.0.

Even though, the studio has its facility in India itself, still you can call that as reverse outsourcing.
Bahubali took India’s visual effects standards to world level. The Hollywood started recognising our VFX & CGI standards as international. The whole efforts for that movie were carried out centrally by Makuta a studio located in Hyderabad.

Life of Pi, the Hollywood movie , an Oscar winner for visual effects was mostly made in India by MPC, a bangalore based MNC vfx studio which has its HQ in LA, USA.
The success story of vfx & cgi animation is going on and on….
Do you know another interesting fact about all these? The talent pool of these top studios consists of students from our training institute.
Sizeable number of students is alumni of Arena Animation Annanagar. No exaggeration. It’s true.
Do you know another fact?!!!
Those students were like you before joining us. Yes, May be from your native place. May be having basic qualification like you?
They just aspired to be a winner. They have become one such. Would you like to be such one!??