Launching UI & UX Courses

Launching UI & UX Courses in Chennai

We take pride in launching, UI&UX courses at our 23 year reputed Animation, Multimedia & VFX training centre – arena annanagar, Chennai.

In today’s competitive world, any product manufacturer or service provider faces stiff competition among the growing number of players in the same industry. Loyalty of customers has become a big question. Brand loyalty does exist or not? – A major debatable point. Whether advertisements are enough to pull the customers? How to overcome this challenge? These are the questions in the minds of MNC’s to a tiny industry. The answer lies in these two words – UI & UX. The full form is User interface & User Experience. A product / service / website / app, anything and everything need this magical formula called UI&UX to be applied in their business.

Here we are. (web.emailvalley.com/arena). As design institute, another major step forward in the direction of providing quality education to the student community at large. We are forming a team of professionals under the leadership of Mr.D.Senthilkumar Babu, UI-UX Expert. We are also creating state of the art infra to suit the needs of this new world of User Experience courses. We also understand the demand for these skill sets are huge. Starting from software giants to manufacturing biggies, require people with this skill set / knowledge.

The basic qualification to do these courses is nothing but “Your Passion for Excellence & Design“. Yes. Any other educational qualification is an added advantage. Sounds very interesting, right…
The salary levels for a starter is expected to be ₹25,000.00+ ????. Do you need anything more to convince yourself? Please visit us in person. Or speak to Mr.Mohanraj:9962488446, Ms.J.Jaya Veena : 9884806319.