Arena Animation Anna Nagar

Creative Minds ’19

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” — Albert Einstein.

Creative Minds ’19 is an intra-centre competition for students in which students unleash their ideas and come up with their creative projects. Students celebrated this event as a great festival. The event started with many expectations as many students were ready to reveal their talents. Students showcased their projects on all categories such as cover design, comic page, website design, 3D architectural visualization, 3D asset model, 3D product pack-shot, character animation sequence, VFX – matchmaking and VFX compositing. Each work was impressive and adorable. Our Chief Guest, Mr.Prashanth who is the Head of Production at 5elements Entertainment Pvt Ltd. and the alumni of Arena Animation, Anna Nagar delivered an informative speech for students on their projects. Then, he glorified every students’ creativity by distributing prizes to winners and runners. Every student shared their experience in making of their works. At last, the biryani was served and the event ended up as delight as the dinner.